About Sharad Vats

I have been doing safaris in different National Parks in India for last 25 years, what began only as a interest, grew into a passion, and later discovered my profession also in it. ¬†Initially it was only sighting the Tiger in the wild, which developed into Tiger photography, and then the forest as a whole took over. ¬†The thought that we were losing Tigers at a quick pace, got me thinking on how could i make a difference. ¬†Realization dawned that is the dependence of humans on the forests that is affecting the habitat of the Tiger the most. And the reason the local communities were dependent on the forest were due to absence of a steady source of income. Hence the thought came that let us generate an alternate economy for the locals surroundings the forest. What best but to include everyone in the world’s largest employment generating industry, TOURISM. Yes, the thought germinated into my company, “Nature Safari India” motto of which has been Conservation through Sustainable Tourism.

It became clear that if we protect the local community, which in turn protects the Tiger habitat, the Tiger itself stands protected, and thus the entire eco system in the process.

Hence we started by promoting some Tiger parks which were remote, developing tourism in those areas, and today we have moved on to doing the same in some lesser known parks. The journey of conservation is an ever going one, with no rest, no stop.

Come travel to wilds of India with us, see not only the Wild Tigers, but also see one of the richest bio-diverse areas on this planet, India. Visit us on www.naturesafariindia.com for more details.



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